How to learn effectively.

Every day need to spend 30 minutes to study, you will see the effect after 1 month

watch a video for learn vocabulary english
  1. 1
    30 Minute each day

    You use 30 minutes a day to learn the programs in the Learn english vocabulary app.

  2. 2
    30 consecutive days

    You must complete 30 consecutive days with levels from 1 to 50, and you change the way you play from easy to difficult to repeat.

  3. 3
    Success for 1000+ vocabulary

    Results if you study hard and play with the app you will have quite a large vocabulary.

Why Use Vocabulary Apps?

Vocabulary Quiz is application for learning english very well. It free all for everyone.

1000 over words

1000+ Words

After success learning via Learn English Vocabulary application of our, 1000+ word basic for English communication basic.

30 topic other

30 Topics Other

It is divided into topics related to life around. Vocabulary revolves around everyday basic issues in life that people encounter

80 language support

80 Language Support

We will use and learn vocabulary for over 80 different languages in the learn lesson before play english quiz game.

Daily User

Success 50 Level each day

New User Daily

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Vocabulary Quiz is application for learning english very well. It free all for everyone.

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It's a simple, good app one thing. So that we can confirm the correct images

Avatar Shekhar
September 23, 2018

Al menos para lo que yo necesito de momento es muy buena.

Avatar Ferananda
fernanda salazar
January 3, 2019

Having fun of lots of educational materials.

avatar A Google User
A Google user
November 11, 2018

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Extremely simple with smartphones on both android and ios platforms.

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